Our Vision

Our Vision

Moixa creates distinctive new technologies and product categories by rethinking market axioms.

Our products aim to make Technology Simple, so that they are more usable, portable and sustainable.

A primary portfolio focus is on next generation portable interfaces, where a goal is to make devices highly portable whilst retaining  everday usability. Human factors are critical, and we recognize consumers will not evolve 'Hobbit' fingers to use every smaller portable devices, and also dislike carrying dedicated cables/adaptors or accessories for each portable device they own.

We originally invented and patented the folding PDA Keyboard category (licensed and used on 2m+ folding keyboards), and recently the USBCELL battery category to address this.  Our extensive IP portfolio also covers pioneergin portable/flat Mice, flexible and rollable screens, 3D input and output devices, as well as better renewable/home energy technology.

Whilst most of our work is on in-house projects or companies, we do occasionally work for external companies helping to create new distinctive product categories on a confidential basis.

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